Equity Funds – What to look for?

We list the most important factors to look for when making an equity mutual fund investment.

Equity mutual funds generate higher returns with a commensurateelement of risk, as compared to debt funds. But do consider the following factors when investing in equities:

* Understand what ‘returns’ means in the context of equity mutual funds.

There is a lot of attention focussed on the ‘returns’ aspect of equity funds in India. It is certainly true that the best equity mutual funds have a high growth potential, and their inherent risk is also lowered with a longer vesting period. However, do understand the basic concept of ‘returns’ when investing in equity funds, and the subtext therein. For example, the fund you are choosing may be recommended to you on the basis of relative performance and not absolute performance.

What this means is that if you need to park more money to lower … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions on Car title loans

What would be the monthly repayment amount?

The amount of money you pay on a monthly basis will depend on three main aspects; the amount of loan you are taking home, the car Title loan interest rate and the period within which the loan is to be paid. An amortization calculator is used to calculate the exact amount that you’ll pay every month and cumulatively, how much you’ll have paid back upon completion.

If I decide to sell my car, what happens?

A car title that is tied to a loan facility can be sold as per the owner’s wish. However, you need to inform the title lender of your decision to sell the car. You need to negotiate for a selling price, which is higher than the loan balance because, when you choose to dispose of that vehicle, the requirement is that you’ll have to clear your loan balance … Read More

Online Teaching – What to Anticipate and What It Costs

When it comes to online tutoring there are two questions that a lot of individuals want answered: what can be expected and what its expenses. While the services to these questions will differ based upon what online tutoring system that you choose, there are some essential resemblances that usually period all tutoring websites. Here is a quick look at the services to these questions.

What to Anticipate from Online Tutoring

  1. Time

One of the most popular prospective benefits of using online tutoring is that you can use it whenever you have enough. Compared with using conventional sources of tutoring, based upon on what system you use, you can either set a consultation for whenever you are available or you can just show up whenever you want. Furthermore, you will normally not be restricted to a certain period. The online is “on” all day every day and most online tutoring websites … Read More

Accounting Services: Things You Need to Know

It can be a bit overwhelming when you start a business. There is a list of things to worry about and get done in set periods of time. You can rest assured you will have some challenges as you begin to take on this new direction and build your business to success. Once you start hiring employees and increasing your staff along with managing your business, you will need the appropriate accounting services to assist you. You do have the opportunity of hiring within, however, it’s also likely you may outsource your bookkeeping and payroll services. Here are a few things you should consider when you are about to look for accounting services to help your company and keep it in balance.

Test Drive

When you’re in the process of hiring a Bookkeeping & Payroll Services company, it doesn’t hurt to contact some of their current or prior clients. When … Read More

What makes a car insurance important?

It is really important to buy car insurance in India. Sometimes a mishap can result in a lifetime of regret and burden. Hence car insurance covers you when you accidentally damage your car or injure third party person. Can insurances also cover any liability due to third party damage. Hence the following points indicate as to why availing car insurance is important.

Why is insurance important?

  • Lack of proper roads and infrastructure

With the growing number of vehicles in India and traffic, India has one of the highest rates of road accidents in a year. Due to this, the government has made it mandatory for the Indian vehicles to get insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

  • Still helps you if you are a good driver

It is not a good enough reason to avoid insurance because you are a good driver and you have to pay the premium … Read More