If you’re a business working in media, you’ve probably noticed the downturn of people reading articles. Media has changed a lot as the internet has advanced as you need to adapt to the new standards that consumers are looking for. Consider implementing all of these ideas into the output of your media company.

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Podcasts have been an increasingly popular form of media every year. These are essentially audio files in which hosts can talk about many different topics on whatever basis you want, whether it’s weekly or monthly. Instead of having just regular articles by a group of writers, consider having them record their conversations on a podcast together that could be over an hour every week. You can gain a listener base that listens to podcasts whenever they are going to work or just have time to kill since they might not have time to straight-up read your articles. Look into questions like “What is a podcast network?” and “How do you get your podcast sponsored?” if you’re looking to make money directly from your podcast. It’s important to get into podcasts if you’re truly interested in fleshing out your media company.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has increasingly become a popular form of entertainment on the internet. Viewers can tune into each live stream to watch someone play video games or talk for an example while talking in chat. Hosts can take questions from the chat or even limit questions to donations as incentives to get those donating money towards your company. Entice viewers to come to watch live by making content that makes use of the live format during that time rather than just airing pre-recorded content, making the viewer feel like your live streams are just for money. By adding live streaming to the types of media you produce, your company could become more successful.


While live streaming is requested so viewers can see what someone in your company is thinking in real-time, having content that is more prepared and edited is good to have so you can release it as videos. Make sure that you are in tune with your audience when to start creating videos. For example, if you are a media company that is known for making short articles that can explain things easily, don’t constantly make 30-minute videos every time. Additionally, consider everything new you can do in a video format. Many people today end up having their online video channels failing because they simply make a spoken version of the articles they already write. Consider adding employees that have had a strong past in creating videos if you really want to broaden the output all across the board inside your media company.


As the internet evolves, it will be hard to catch up with making your media company apparent in each new type of media. However, look around to what your competitors are at least doing so you aren’t completely in the back of the race. You’ll also want to make sure that your employees are totally committed to the vision of adapting to all of these new forms of media. This can mean not necessarily getting rid of those who are interested in still writing articles as you still have many people out there who are interested in simply reading but to add on experienced employees that can navigate into fields that you couldn’t previously. Taking all of this patiently will make you a strong media company in the end.

Introducing New Forms of Media To Your Media Company